Reflections on Wheatland Music Festival

"I had a great time at Wheatland this year! Of course! As Katy and I were driving home it struck me that Wheatland is our meeting blanket of life. Cheesy I know, but true.

This Saturday at breakfast we were all so glad when Eric took the blankets and set up a spot in front of main stage. Why? It wasn't just being able to see the music, but knowing that there was a place where we could all meet up. You don't know who is going to show up, or when, but if you go and enjoy the music, you know you will be with friends soon! It is one sure way we can find each other.

And Wheatland does the same thing for us as we amble through space and time. Not everyone can come every year, but everyone comes some years. It is one time of the year where you know you can find friends, catch up, enjoy the music. And for me at least that really helps keep me sane and happy.

So until we meet again, at the blanket or elsewhere in the festival of life,

Happy Wheatland!"

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group of colorfully dressed people in front of the stage at Wheatland Music Fest