Some Beautiful Places You Can Travel Without A Visa If You Have A US passport

It has become a myth by now that the American passport is one of the strongest passports in the world if not the strongest. The enormous strength of the passport can be judged by the fact that you are allowed to travel to some 160 countries without a visa if you are a holder of the US passport. Through this discourse, we would try to figure out certain beautiful travel destinations where you can travel without a visa only if you possess an American passport. Now there are certain types of a visa free entries which you need to keep into consideration. There are countries where you can enter without a visa, further there are other countries where you will be provided with a visa on arrival and that too for free and then there are places where you get your visa on arrival with a fee.

There are quite a few travel and holiday destinations where you are allowed to enter without a visa. We would try to enlist the important ones along with the requirements.

  1. Without visa: - You can travel to Antigua and Barbuda and enjoy your stay up to 1 month without visa while Barbados allows you a 6 months stay. Then both Austria and Belgium would allow you a 3 months stay while you can stay at Canada for 6 months without a visa. Countries like Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Greece, Germany, Japan, Peru, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine, etc. all allows you a free stay for a 90 days or a 3 months period. Apart from that there are countries like Laos, Macau, Micronesia, Panama, Singapore, Virgin Islands, etc. which will allow you to travel for 30 days without visa.
  2. Visa on arrival: - In countries like Azerbaijan, Bali, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Jordan Kuwait, Lebanon, Nepal, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UAE, Yemen, Zimbabwe, etc. will allow you to receive your visa on arrival. It depends on the regulation of the country whether you need to pay for your visa on arrival or it comes for free.

Apart from these countries, there are many other countries where you can travel with these or other kinds of regulations. You can gain knowledge regarding these things when you are applying for a passport. Your passport agency will inform you regarding whether you need a visa for that country or not. It might even be pretty helpful for people applying for same day passport as they would save time by not applying for the visa as they would not be required.

Apart from this there are even countries where you can travel without anything as they are a part of the American territory like Virgin Islands (USA), Samoa (American), Mariana Islands, Guam, etc. Thus, there are various types of regulations in relation to different countries out of which some has been mentioned in this discourse which needs to be explored and would be of great help for prospective travellers.