Important Items to Bring Camping

Camping is one of the best ways to experience the outdoors, either alone or with others. There are so many adventures you can find. Packing to go camping should be easy, but when you are surrounded by gear, it is easy to forget the most important items. You should create a checklist of the camping essentials.

1. Tarps

Having a tarp, or two, on hand can be very handy. One of the best usages of tarps is to lay them under your tent. This can prevent moisture from coming in or smooth out the rocks and uneven terrain. Also, they can be used as a makeshift shelter. They are small and fold compactly; tarps don’t take up too much space in your bags.

2. Fire Starter

A fire is going to be an important part of your camping trip. It adds warmth, protection, and a way to cook. Plus, you have to have some way to make s’mores. It is generally a good idea to bring a few ways to start a fire, such as a lighter, matches, and a fire starter.

3. Maps and Compass

Depending on your location, the GPS on your phone may or may not work. Having some skills to use a map and compass is important if you plan to spend time in the woods. Take these along with you if you will be in an area out of range, or as a backup in case of failure. Being lost in the woods can be a dire situation.

4. Hygiene

Sometimes, it is easy to run out the door without remembering the most basic of items. You may or may not have shower facilities nearby. If so, you need the basic shower items. Something else not to forget is your dental supplies. Add a stick of deodorant to your bag, or you’ll be sleeping outside the tent with the critters.

5. Pocket Knife

Having a pocket knife is an essential item to have on hand. They sometimes are referred to as a Swiss Army Knife. Generally, they have multiple tools connected, such as a corkscrew, saw, scissors, and more. They come in a variety of sizes and tools. A pocket knife can be very handy.

6. First Aid Kit

This is an absolute necessity when camping. Depending on your location, reaching medical care can take some time. You have to be able to treat things that can happen out in the woods. Simple things such as bums, scratches, blisters and burns can be treated easily. Keep things such as gauze and tape for bigger accidents, as well as a split. It is so important to take this kit with you, even when you go on hikes and excursions throughout the day.

7. Rope

This is a versatile item to have in your camping gear. To maximize what you can do with rope, learn some different knotting styles. After a dip in the lake, you can make a clothesline. You can hang your food in the tree above the campsite. A rope and tarp can create a makeshift tent. You will be amazed at what you can do with rope.

8. Lantern or Flashlight

You will need some sort of light for the evenings. Even if you have a fire going, having light in your tent or on your way to the bathroom is helpful. Carry both to make sure you are prepared for different situations.

9. Clothes for Unexpected Weather

Even if the forecast shows beautiful weather ahead, things can change easily. In this event, you need to make sure you have clothes for the weather. A poncho is portable and lightweight. It will save your clothes. Also, keep an extra pair of shoes on hand.

10. Cookware

Don’t forget to bring something to cook in or on. You don’t have to use a propane stove; a fire can work as well. Bring skillets to make cooking either way easier. Also, make sure you include those utensils!