Alice's Story of the Hurricane Aftermath

Email from Emergency Communities 3-10-06
In December, when we opened, we served 300 people each day. We are now serving over 1,600 meals daily, and climbing.
FEMA has ended almost all subsidized housing in this devastated parish, leaving thousands with no place to live and few places to eat. The entire area surrounding our kitchen and community center looks nearly the same as it did in September - destroyed. The Emergency Communities' Made with Love Cafe and Grill is now the largest relief kitchen in the Greater New Orleans area, and much bigger relief organizations are now turning to us to help feed their volunteer forces. Our own volunteer force has swelled
to over 125 volunteers.

Basically, the Katrina relief effort is just beginning.

In good news, the United Way has provided EC with its first major grant - over $140,000. They have also asked us to start a second kitchen/community center in Southern Louisiana, where they are only now allowing residents to return. We've also begun scouting locations for another kitchen in the Greater New Orleans region. We are currently building a laundromat as well - a desperate need in this area. As we expand, it's critical that all of our past volunteers, donors, and
supporters help us with this cause. Despite what the media says, or doesn't say, help is needed now more than ever.

So come! Or if you can't, consider donating at Or send us cookies! Or volunteer with us. Tell your friends and family. Everything helps.

With love,

Mark Weiner & all of us at the Made with Love Cafe and Grill