Alice's Story of the Hurricane Aftermath

Emergency Communities' relief kitchen, is now set up in the city of Chalmette in St. Bernard’s Parish (next to New Orleans). They plan on serving 252,000 meals over the next twelve weeks.  With the kitchen their central focus, they intend to provide a safe space for local residents to connect and rebuild their community.
The kitchen serves three hot, wholesome, often organic, meals a day, including vegetarian options.  All food, bottled water, and beverages are available for residents, workers in the area and volunteers.
The kitchen is set up under large tents in a parking lot, and their camping area is set up adjacent to the lot. Temperatures range between 30 and 80 degrees, and they have strong rainfall.
St. Bernard’s Parish is an urban environment with a pre-hurricane population of 70,000. The entire area was devastated by Katrina and the associated tidal surge.  There are currently NO banks, grocery stores, restaurants, or stores open in the immediate area, and 100 percent of the homes are unlivable. Residents are only now beginning to return to their homes (FEMA trailers), and clean up operations are still in the early stages.
There will be a FREE medical facility a few blocks away. In addition, the site will provide a C.A.L.M. tent (Center for Alternative Living Medicine) with massage therapy, herbal tinctures, homeopathic medicine and teas for the support of the volunteers.
Emergency Communities has a 24-hour security team set up on the premises which can be called on as needed. There is a Parish curfew from dusk to dawn, and they work closely with local law enforcement to ensure safety.
There is an infinite need for volunteers here.  If you can come, YOU ARE NEEDED!!!
The meals below are examples of those prepared by Emergency Communities and what is available through the traditional sources.
There is also infinite need for donations. Click here to find out how to donate.
Just before Alice left, the newly assembled dome was damaged by a storm. The work had to start over in preparing the kitchen area.