5 Tools to Keep with You While Traveling For Safety

Who wants to spoil their journey when they could have easily prevented their troubles if only they had taken certain safety measures?

These safety measures that we are going to discuss are even more important for solo women travelers. They will free your family from any sort of stress and risk if you carry these things along for your safety.

So, let us see what these items could be:

1. A Pair of Pocket Scissors

This might sound too much, but it is a very simple thing that you need to carry before you step of your hotel room while travelling. For guys, it is easy to keep a pair of scissors in their pocket and the women can carry it in their bag. This is something that can be taken out immediately in case of any sort of danger. They would allow you an easy stroke to defend yourself from any sort of danger.

2. Be A Bit More Tech Savvy

Your whole travel itinerary should be based on the travel apps which will make your journey not only easy but also safer and therefore you need to have the full details of all the important apps:

  • ER- Emergency Room finder

This app lets you find the nearest hospital in case you have met any accident or have been injured. When you reach your destination let the ER app access your location and it will synchronize with the right database.

  • Scream or Whistle App

These apps have a shrill and shrieking sound of a scream or a whistle. All you need to do is, press the button when in danger and the alarm will go off.

3. Pen Is Mightier Than Sword- Well Rightly Has That Been Said

Carry a safety pen with you- This pen is just like any other regular pen except it comes really handy in situation of emergency. It is the lightest and the smallest defense weapon that you can carry anywhere even in the flights. You should always be carrying one in your pocket or bag.

How It Works?

With opening the cover and pressing the button on the side, a needle comes out of it and you can use it to attack your attacker. You can use it on the pressure point on the neck and the combat will be yours. This causes temporary unconsciousness or at least enormous pain. If you do not use it on the pressure point then also it could be used anywhere like on the face on the leg and will cause a lot of pain.

You should also carry a small whistle with you. Though it does not look like a tool, but works as the one and even the most efficient one. You can blow the whistle if you see danger and can attract attention of people towards you which will scare away the attacker.

4. Spray or Scare Away the Attacker

This is the most effective of all the safety tools because it works in any case. Even when none of the safety tools will work, this is sure to work because of its simplicity of usage.

All you need to do is spray it on the attacker and he will feel burning sensation all over his face, eyes, nose and mouth. This will cause intense pain which will not go away any time sooner.

5. Carry Stun guns

The stun guns have a very simple external design and are light weight which makes them easy to carry. They run on a nominal power of 9-volt batteries. They are though made of a complicated internal system which boosts the voltage in the circuit and when put to use they builds up a charge of around 20,000 to 150,000 volts which can literally stun the attacker and leave him in excruciating pain.